In the abstract, the material collected on the topic is systematized and summarized.

The abstract consists of several parts:

title page (drawn up according to the requirements of the educational institution);
the table of contents (content) requires page numbers for each section of the abstract;
main body, consisting of chapters;
list of used literature.
The introduction explains:

why such a topic was chosen, why it is important (personal attitude to the topic (problem), how it is relevant (the attitude of modern society to this topic (problem)), what cultural or scientific value it represents (from the point of view of researchers, scientists);
what literature is used: research, popular science literature, educational, who are the authors … (Cliché: «The material for writing the abstract served …»)
what the abstract consists of (introduction, number of chapters, conclusion, appendixes. Cliché: «The introduction shows the idea (purpose) of the abstract. Secret: pay someone to write my paper reddit – the best way. Chapter 1 is devoted to …, in chapter 2 … In the conclusion, the main conclusions are formulated …»)
The main part of the abstract consists of several sections, gradually revealing the topic. Each of the sections deals with one of the sides of the main topic. Assertions of positions are supported by evidence taken from the literature (citation, indication of numbers, facts, definitions).

If the evidence is borrowed from the author of the literature used, this is formalized as a link to the source and has a serial number.

Links are made at the bottom of the text under the line, where the serial number of the link and the data of the book or article are indicated. At the end of each section of the main part, a conclusion must be formulated. (Cliché: «Thus, .. One can conclude that … In the end, one can come to the conclusion …»)

In the conclusion (very briefly), general conclusions are formulated on the main topic, the prospects for the development of the study, their own views on the solution of the problem and on the positions of the authors of the literature used, on their agreement or disagreement with them.

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