When a person shakes their phone, then another person who is shaking their phone at the same time will then appear on the screen, and both persons can begin a academized review. In less than a minute after a person appears on the screen, neither person’s location will be revealed unless they choose to sit and talk with each other for longer than 40 seconds. Having someone’s location be private for 40 seconds means they can move on to talk to another person, without having the previous person know anything about where they are located.

Skout has disabled any location services that can be put on a teenage account, and this is done so that the teenagers are protected from others knowing where they may be located. Many people know that some teenagers are bullied, and some teens may not want other teens on the network to know where they are located, especially since it can end up causing them problems. Skout goes out of their way to protect the teens that join their network, but teens are still allowed to have just as much fun as the adults.

twoubbeck Experto Iniciado Asked on 12 agosto, 2020 in Madrid.
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