RE: Why Freelancers Are Making Their Own Brand After An Year Work On Freelance Market?

Freelance marketplace is the way to introduce own services in the market. There are many freelancers who have a good profile on different freelance platforms. they will have a personal brand from where they are delivering their services. The reason to deliver services through own brand is that this is a way to save third-party commissions. I have known a web design agency in dubai who’s owner has also a profile on freelance platforms and now they are charging high rates o deliver their services. It is the one and only reason freelancers are doing it to make more revenue through their efforts.

HinaEni Experto Iniciado Asked on 31 enero, 2019 in Nueva York.
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LOL, nowadays every designer is pro 😀 this is the main reason, visit our brand website

janetjackson Experto Iniciado Answered on 9 abril, 2019.
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